If you are looking to learn music or hire local Orlando musical talent for your event or venue, then Mike Bloomer is the musician you are seeking.

Mike Bloomer is a music educator and performer who provides lessons for kids and adults, as well has shown that he can help anyone learn music. Mike Bloomer as a music teacher brings more than talent to his students. He also has a track record of success that is mixed with talent along with his bachelor’s degree in music which makes him more than qualified to be a music teacher.

Having produced his own album, he shows a variety of ranges and styles of music that he is experienced in. Mike Bloomer takes his unique ability to communicate the different styles of learning and performing music simultaneously and makes it easier for his students to learn music. These qualities and skills make him an efficient and respected authority as a music teacher.

Orlando FL Music Performer
Mike is available for bass gigs. Call him at 407-619-1024 today.
Mike Bloomer brings over 30 years of music experience to each one of his students, focusing on their strengths while showing them improvements they can make. His private lessons are taught in a focused and relaxed manner which gives his students the individual attention they need to learn music in their own way, without any distractions. As a music teacher he provides the experience as a teacher, performer and music producer, giving experienced insights to help his students aspire in music in all aspects.

Are you are looking to hire Orlando musicians that will add the perfect ambience for your event, wedding, private party or special occasion? Mike Bloomer is the musician you are seeking. He brings a track record of raving reviews from each of his clients. Mike Bloomer has events that are scheduled well in advance because of the demand he meets to hire Orlando musicians that can cater to the client’s mainstream events.

Mike Bloomer works as a soloist performer or with a music group. The instruments Mike performs professionally include the cello, bass and guitar; Mike is a vocalist as well. Whatever the occasion that you need to hire local Orlando musical talent, Mike Bloomer can fulfill that need. He brings a source of talent that has taken decades of experience to achieve. This “award winning” musician, who has worked with orchestras and produced his own album, can provide an irreplaceable experience that cannot be duplicated.

Whether you are looking for a music teacher or to hire Orlando musical talent, Mike Bloomer can be the right fit that you need. Having partnerships with music centers across the Orange County, Florida area, Mike Bloomer has embedded himself in the fabric of the community. Not only will you be partnering with a qualified musician, but you will also be affiliating yourself with a local resident who has added to and enhanced the music within our local community. Mike Bloomer provides dedication and passion in all that he does whether as a music teacher or performer. Contact him today to find out how he can serve your musical needs.

“Music must never offend the ear, but must please the listener, or, in other words, must never cease to be music.” – Mozart